Sunday, February 3, 2008

XForms meeting at the Research Triangle Park: Getting there

Yesterday morning my day started 45 minutes later than expected. My alarm supposed to go off at 7u30am; but I wrongly set the alarm at 8u30am. After a quick shower we jumped in the car to catch the next train, one later than planned. When we got at the train station we decided to park the car, allowing me to buy some food while Peggy was getting my train ticket. Parking the car and using my credit card to get on the parking lot turned out not to be a bad idea. You didn’t get a parking ticket, and after checking it with the info desk, our suspicion got confirmed, you needed to use the same card to get off the parking lot. There was no other option than running back to parking lot and using my card to drive the car off the parking. This took again more time than expected because the car in front of Peggy’s car had trouble using his credit card. At last I could put in my credit card and run back to the railway. And there the worst thing that could have happened, happened. When I got at the railway my train left, if I wanted I could have touched the train. Damn, I missed the train again. After missing my second train, what a start of a full day traveling, we decided to drive to the airport.

My luck turned when we arrived at the airport, checking in my bag and going through the passport check only took 7 minutes. There was only one person in front of me at the luggage drop off and no one at the passport check. The plain from Amsterdam to Detroit arrived on schedule, my next flight will depart after 1h20 and boarding should start in less than an hour. It is hard to believe, but there was no one in front at border control, and my bag was the first one on the belt. Can you believe that, what is the chance of not having to wait at border control and that your bag is the first one that is unloaded.
The second flight to Raleigh/Durham was also on time, and after calling the hotel my shuttle arrived after 10 minutes. My day started a bit hectic but after arriving at Amsterdam everything went even better than expected; hopefully this is a sign for a super XForms WG meeting.

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