Friday, June 22, 2007

Damn recharger!

This morning around 7 a.m we left Cedar City and drove to Zion National Park. Correction 50 minutes later, when we wanted to take our first picture we discovered that there was no battery in our camera. And it was then when I realized that it was still in the charger at the motel. Oh my god, we just drove 50 minutes for nothing, in fact 2 times 50 minutes because now we needed to drive back also.
Two hours later then planned we arrived 'happily' at Zion National Park. We parked our car at the visitors center, and took the shuttle into the Canyon (no cars are allowed in the Canyon). We got out of the bus at Zion lodge and did the Emerald Pools trail to 'The Grotto'. After that we took the bus to Weeping Rock and did the hike to the Hidden Canyon. That hike was really nice, a bit difficult but rewarding, there were not a lot hikers on this trail and the narrow Hidden Canyon was really beautiful. You can find the photo's that we took today here (not yet complete due to bad internet connection at the motel).
Tomorrow we will visit Bryce Canyon National Park.

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