Sunday, June 10, 2007

New York day 1

Yesterday we arrived at Newark at 1u45 pm (local time) and took a shuttle to our hotel. We arrived at the hotel around 3u30 pm. Man I like the New Yorker taxi drivers' driving style. Our taxi driver managed to cross more than 8 lanes in only a couple of hundred meters. It was even more impressive because all the lanes where mostly filled with other crazy taxi drivers doing the same thing. After a wild ride of a bit more then an hour we arrived at hour hotel.

We decided to go for a short walk. We were so impressed that the short walk turned out in a walk of 4 hours. We saw some interesting places, namely the Empire State Building, New York Public Library, Bryant Park, Central Park, Rockefeller Center... (see map).

We also went in some really big shops. If you never been to an M&M's world you probably won’t believe it, it is an M&M shop of three story high (+23.000 m²) where they sell everything with the M&M logo on it. They have more the 4.000 different gifts and souvenirs, starting from funny collard M&M’s, shorts, towels, cups to clothing for dogs.

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