Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We made it

This morning the alarm of my phone went off at 4u45 a.m. You might thing that is 13u45 Belgian time, but after a bit more then two weeks I'm totally adjusted this time zone.
When we drove to the trail head we saw a lot animals more then 20 deer, one wild turkey, and one URA (Unidentified Running Animal)
We began our descent at 6u15 a.m. to Roaring Springs. That is a descent of 3050 ft (1066m) and back up, and that in 9.4 mi (15km). We arrived at Roaring Springs two hours later. We stayed there for half an hour resting/eating/drinking a bit. After that half an hour we started the climb, hoping to be back up three to four hoers later. It was a 7-8 hours walk they said. But two and a half hours later we arrived back at the parking. A bit burned out but not too tiered ;)
After the hike we visited the visitors center and drove to Overton, close to the next destination Valley of fire.
After that we will be heading to Death Valley.
Today we reached a new temperature record 108°F(42.2°C), I can ensure you that 108 °F is hot.

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Topstar said...

Figures: in Great-Brittan or Austria you should multiply the time estimate, i guess it's only to be expected that Belgians, even it-ers can divide the American estimate :-).