Sunday, June 17, 2007

Yellow Stone here we come!

This morning the alarm of my cellphone went off at 3u25 a.m. We needed to get out so we could be on time at the Newark International airport (New York) to catch our flight to Denver. When I booked the flight to Denver of 6u55 I didn’t realized that we needed to be at Newark 2 hours before the flight (yes even for a domestic flight) due to the crazy security rules, and that it is a one hour drive from our hotel in Hawthorne.

The plane arrived in Denver at 9u00 Mountain Time, 40 minutes before schedule. After that we collected our luggage we took the bus to the Avis car rental place. We got a nice Chevrolet, but with some tire pressure problems. First we got an alert that we lost the pressure of the front right tire. But after a check this turned out to be a bad sensor. And after that we got a message that the pressure of the left rear tire was too high, this we will check tomorrow. Nevertheless we arrived at the Super 8 motel in Dubois after a ride of almost 8 hours. It was a nice drive, see map (photo’s will follow but not today, we are going for an early sleep, we are already 19 hours awake).

Early tomorrow morning we will leave for Yellow Stone. This will imply a three day internet stop. But you can expect a lengthy report of what we did in Yellow Stone when we return back to civilization.


Bertje said...
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Bertje said...

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According to some people "civilisation" equals "t Stad" Hopefully you won't wait that long ;-)